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Eighth Grade Class Trip

Class Trip and Community Service Finally, every spring, Camellia’s 8th grade class honors the completion of their grade school years with a special class trip. Eighth grade trips typically involve a journey into the natural world as well as a service component to allow opportunities for personal growth and further development of trust, self-reliance, confidence, independence, gratitude, and communication. Through collaboration between the class teacher and guides, students are led in a conscious way to reflect on their Camellia journey. This serves to provide a sense of closure and inwardly ready them for their future. It is common afterwards that students express whole new levels of appreciation for their privileged lives, a heightened sense of respect and gratitude toward loved ones, and new sense of responsibility in the world.

We are assessing the students’ ability for self-reliance, trust and collaboration, to demonstrate hands-on capacities, resilience, and reverence for people and the natural world.

Last year, students completed a nine-day hiking and community service trip along the Lost Coast in Northern California with Kroka Expeditions. Students hiked 5-11 miles every day (in the rain), camped outdoors, cooked their meals over a fire, and complete community service projects on the property of the Frey Vineyards which was decimated by recent fires in Mendocino County.

The Class of 2020 has been working on their class trip fundraising and planning for the last year and will be deaprting later this Spring. Stay tuned for their trip details.