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Third Grade Waldorf Class

3rd Grade

  • In-depth block approach of two hours each morning, when the students are most attentive. Block lasts 3-4 weeks

  • Main academic subjects of math, science, language arts, history, and geography.

  • Balanced time for recess and time in nature.

  • Homework is age appropriate and allows for more family time.

  • Teachers are with the same class for a number of years allowing for more connection and in depth learning.

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A Bit About 3rd Grade

Often referred to as the Turning Point of Childhood, Waldorf third grade is the time of the nine-year change, a time when the age of dream passes and a new age of realism is born. The third grade curriculum is designed to meet this significant change, supporting children as they realize that they there are separate from their parents and able to meet the world as individuals - a time that often results in increased questions, self doubt and wonder. Designed to reassure, nurture and support children in moving through this change with confidence, the class teacher brings stories and legends of creation. Hebrew stories offer a joyful picture of life, the Garden of Eden, the eventual expulsion from paradise and the human being’s work, transforming the earthly gifts into food, shelter and clothing. These stories tell a tale of people who wandered the earth in search of home and speak to the changing nine year old’s subconscious in this way - others have done this before, therefore I’m not alone in this experience.

Third grade children are eager, ready to get to work and use their hands. They study and build shelters, learn about time and measurements, discover farming and agriculture, learn about clothing and fibers and regularly cook. This is also the year that they write and present their first paper - on a shelter. They also have field trips to working farm as they learn about what it takes to grow food.

Take a peek inside the classroom

3rd Grade Learning Objectives

Main Lesson Skills

Continuing to learn and model good classroom behavior, developing strong listening and communication skills, confidence and positive self image building

Language Arts

Further development of cursive writing, grammar - sentence structure - verbs, nouns, and adjectives, simple sentences and paragraphs, spelling - begin rules and simple familiar words


Hebrew stories as part of ancient history and other creation stories and legends from around the world


Four operations continued - multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, measurement - dry, linear, liquid, weight and money, carrying and borrowing, estimation and long multiplication and division


Introduction to climate studies, house building - cliff dwellers, lake dwellers, tent dwellers, all the way to our modern houses - homes made of wood, brick, stone, cycles of the year, practical work on campus and in the school garden, soils, farm life, grains, root, leafs and stem vegetables, and cooking in class

Foreign Language

Spanish songs, dance, poetry and stories, color and action words are introduced as well as cultural art projects and crafts

Form Drawing

Hebrew alphabet, vertical symmetry forms, and forms of metamorphosis


Beeswax modeling, watercolor painting and drawing


Pentatonic flute, diatonic Flute, music notation is introduced, singing, performing at annual school concerts


Knitting and crochet work - making practical items such as purses and animals

Physical Education

Ring games, line games, work games, cooperative games and ball tossing games

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