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Shared Values of the Camellia Waldorf School Community

Members of our school community share many values that we strive toward:

  1. High levels of appropriate parental participation.

  2. A healthy food environment.

  3. Being mindful of our environment, including being good land stewards, composting, green cleaning supplies, and reduced WiFi and EMF emissions.

  4. Appropriate and responsible use of technology, limiting the use of screens, including computers, social media, video games, and cell phones.

  5. We respect children as unique individuals, and rely on student portfolio assessment and other forms of qualitative assessment rather than standardized testing to ensure they are meeting standards and fulfilling their academic potential. (Standardized testing does occur in Middle School.)

  6. Diversity and social inclusion. We are a compassionate campus.

  7. Being a spiritual school, though not a religious school. We are all connected in some way, and our community gatherings and festivals help connect our school community.

  8. A village of friends for the children and a community of support for parents.

  9. For our children to have a happy childhood, a strong foundation, and develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to attend any high school they wish and excellent colleges and universities.

  10. A safe place for children and parents to raise their children.

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