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Our Schools Mission

About Us - Building the Future

Camellia Waldorf School honors childhood, appreciates individuality and inspires responsibility through an education that builds capacity for lifelong learning and creative thinking.

About Waldorf Education

Education Comes First

Critical thinking skills, emotional and social intelligence and kinesthetic, hands-on learning are cornerstones of Waldorf education.

Waldorf education cultivates three principal faculties in children: thinking, feeling, and doing, often described as “head, heart, and hands.” Head refers to the ability to think clearly and independently. Heart refers to the capacity for feeling emotionally connected to one’s work and the world at large. Hands refers to the willingness to take action to achieve one’s goals and to contribute to the world.

Waldorf education is also designed to produce balanced, well-rounded individuals, with a curriculum that is both integrated and developmentally appropriate. By integrating academic learning, physical activity, appreciation for all subjects and moral responsibility, it cultivates the body, mind and spirit. It is also highly cognizant of the various stages of children’s development, meeting and challenging students in ways most suited to the child’s particular age and experience.

Waldorf education answers the call of forward-thinking families who sense that their children will need more than just a store of information to succeed in our rapidly changing world. Camellia families understand that children will need to distinguish themselves as superior critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, not merely good test-takers. They also want their children to achieve a high degree of satisfaction in life. They seek to empower their children first to know their own hearts and then to venture forth to contribute to the world in various ways. Camellia families perceive Waldorf education as an environment that delivers in all areas that are most important to them when they think about the future, long-term success of their children.

During times like Covid-19 Waldorf education is designed to adapt. Here at Camellia Waldorf we have implemented a homeschool program, and a distance learning program. Resiliency and core capacities are a hallmark of Waldorf education and at Camellia we are committed to creating a rich rewarding educational experience for our students even during these difficult times.


How diverse is Camellia’s student population?

Camellia Waldorf School is committed to providing its students and families with an educational experience that is inclusive of all the diverse members of our community. Our rich curriculum immerses students in world cultures, history, and religions and celebrates a variety of cultural traditions. We appreciate the wisdom and strength that comes from a rich community that reflects a wide range of racial identities, nationalities, languages, economic backgrounds, religions, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, family structures, and other characteristics found in the wider Sacramento community. Our tuition assistance program allows Camellia to promote socioeconomic diversity. We are proud to be among the most diverse Waldorf schools in North America.


What makes Camellia Waldorf special?

Camellia Waldorf offers a unique blend of quality, community and convenience. Set in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the capital city of Sacramento, it provides families with an oasis where dynamic and creative learning unfolds under the attentive guidance of a supportive community. Camellia’s central location makes this unique style of education conveniently accessible to numerous residential neighborhoods throughout the greater Sacramento area.


In addition, Camellia Waldorf teachers are impressive. Our faculty of experienced, high quality teachers forms the bedrock upon which the students’ educational experience is built. Because the teachers enjoy a strong sense of collegiality at Camellia, they feel bonded with and committed to the school and the students. Their creativity, intellect, and enthusiasm for their work translate into an exceptionally enriching experience for the students.

Camellia’s parent community is also highly dedicated and present in the everyday effort to promote the students’ growth and achievement. With one of the most diverse Waldorf school student populations in the nation, Camellia’s special community is widely regarded as thoughtful, open-minded, and generous in spirit. The warm atmosphere at Camellia that welcomes anyone who shares a passion for the wonderful world of Waldorf has truly become a treasured hallmark of our school.

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