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Learning Together

Bridging the Social Distance

An emphasis on human connection is at the heart of Waldorf education. This unique and dynamic educational method is also naturally flexible and lends itself to meeting the particular needs and challenges of our times. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves needing to sustain human connection and community while also maintaining social and physical distance. Through much collaboration and innovation, our faculty, staff and board of trustees have met the unusual challenge of taking our kindergarten through 8th grade curriculum completely outdoors with an online option for students that wish to remain at home. With this model in place, we can safely continue to provide a quality Waldorf education both in-person and from a distance. Whether outdoors or online, our curriculum embraces and reflects our pedagogical capacity to respond to the current challenges we face. In the spirit of learning, courage, and joy, our faculty has collaborated with enthusiasm and imagination to bring our vibrant curriculum outdoors and into our families’ homes. 

"The sweetest part of Camellia during this time when we are physically separated is the care that the school and teachers have demonstrated for the physical, mental, and emotional health of both our daughter and our whole family. Her teacher and the school have found a way to use technology as needed and still keep the innocence of childhood by finding opportunities to connect through things like homemade gifts, painted rocks, and hand-drawn birthday cards."


Stephanie Smith, second-year kindergarten parent

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