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A First Introduction to Waldorf Education

As one of the best private preschools in Sacramento, Camellia Waldorf School provides a quality foundation for your child’s first school experience, helping them develop a love of learning, real interest, and exceptional preparation for life. Our private Waldorf school, located in Northern California, offers a preschool program that fosters creativity, cooperation, and imagination. It is play- and nature-based.

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What Sets Us Apart as a Childcare Program

Our homelike classes are warm, joyful and imaginative and welcoming. Our teachers work closely with families to ensure a smooth transition to the preschool, and as a childcare program, to create an ongoing experience that supports each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Young children learn about the world through imitation and exploration and find delight in simple yet engaging activities like bread baking, fort making, watercolor painting, and crafts. Puppet shows and oral storytelling capture a child’s imagination and help build strong language skills, while lively counting games lay a foundation for mathematics. Eager to help out, children set the table for a meal and chop vegetables for lunch. Teacher-guided activities support visual-spatial and fine and gross motor skills. We also provide lots of healthy movement.

The day is balanced between outdoor excursions and times of free play, times of work and rest. Songs fill the air and guide children through transitions. The homelike class environment adds to a sense of order and familiarity, essential to the healthy development of the young child.

Being outside in nature is integral to our program, and is especially important for our youngest students. Our preschool children have space and time to run, climb, build forts, and experience seasonal changes in all kinds of weather!

Toys and furnishings are made of natural materials, allowing for a varied sensory experience and inviting creativity and problem-solving.

To learn more about one of the best preschools in Sacramento and how Camellia's age-appropriate program meets the young child developmentally, helping to build a foundation for learning, check out our blog post written by Camellia's Pedagogical Chair, Laura Embrey.

Program Details

Program Options: 8:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Extended Care available until 4:30 p.m. 
5-day: Monday through Friday
3-day: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

2-day: Thursday and Friday

All children enrolled in our Waldorf preschool program must turn three years old by December 31st of the entering school year and must be fully potty trained.

  • Children learn by doing, with hands-on experiential, kinesthetic learning inside the classroom and in nature.

  • Creative and collaborative indoor play helps lay the foundation for building social skills.

  • Fairy tales, puppet plays, and stories with rich language provide a high-quality foundation for literacy, developing vocabulary as well as visualization and memory skills.

  • Lots of time outside – through exploring and playing on our spacious, safe campus, as well as weekly hikes – develops gross motor skills and an appreciation for nature.

  • Our daily and weekly routines provide an emotionally secure and predictable environment for your child.

  • We surround children with an atmosphere of beauty and warmth because children absorb everything around them.

  • Teachers are attentive to model respectful social interactions and give careful attention to speech.

  • Extended Care options are available.


Camellia Waldorf School’s private preschool in Sacramento is a licensed facility in accordance with California State law. Our license number is #343620767.

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