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Paper Tulip Craft

Our two kindergarten teachers, Ms. Olga and Ms. Julie, have been crafting beautiful spring surprises and then sending them by mail to their students. Their students have loved receiving mail and are thrilled to discover the sweet treasures tucked away in the envelope.

Most recently, Ms. Olga sent a hanging tulip made of beautiful Japanese silk paper. Upon receiving them in the mail, parents began asking for the instructions. Even Ms. Olga shared that she too made an extra one for herself.

This tulip craft is not only fun to make but is also great to give away and share, spreading kindness and joy to those around us. They are beautiful to hang in the window, as they come to life as the sun shines through them.

What you Need:

Step One:

Draw a tulip flower that measures 1.5" wide and 2" tall. Then draw the leaves, which measure 3" wide and 4.5" tall. This can be drawn directly on the kite paper or a pattern can be made by drawing on a separate piece of paper and used to trace on the kite paper or Japanese silk paper. Making a pattern allows for consistency if you plan on making multiple flowers.

Step Two:

Place six pieces of the Japanese silk paper or kite paper together, trace your flower and cut out, holding all the pieces tightly together as you cut.

Step Three:

Sew your flower! Start sewing at the base of the stem and continue with a straight line up the middle of the leaves. Once you reach the top, carefully place the tulip flower in the center between the two leaves and continue sewing through the tulip. Do not clip the extra thread on the tulip or at the bottom of the stem, as you will hang your flower from the thread at the top and tie a wooden bead on the bottom thread for weight.

Once finished, tie your bead of choice at the bottom. Wooden beads work well as they aren't too heavy. Then carefully open the different layers, giving the flower some fullness and depth and pick your favorite sunny window to hang your beautiful new tulip.


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