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Physical Education & Athletics

Physical Education - Elementary Years

Physical education in elementary school begins in the first grade with students playing imaginative games and various versions of tag. Basic skills such as running, skipping, jumping, swinging, galloping, crossing the mid-line, balancing and jump rope are practiced through play. As the children get older, cooperative games are introduced, as well as historical sports such as the javelin, discus, long jump, short- and long-distance running, wrestling, tumbling, gymnastics, circus arts, and team sports.

Physical Education - Middle Years

In middle school, we work to improve skills, increase strength, flexibility, agility, and teamwork. More focus is placed on individual strength and ability and students increase their awareness of their own fitness and skills. Physical activities include orienteering, archery, teamwork, coordination, team sports, and track and field.

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Fourth through Eighth Grade, students are invited to participate in a number of after-school sports and clubs. Depending on the grade of the student, we offer a variety of choices, including: cross-country, flag football, volleyball, girls’ and boys’ basketball, co-ed soccer, unicycle club. We also offer an outdoor education program, which includes seasonal activities like bike riding, hiking, sledding, and skiing.


Our athletic program has a no-cut policy, meaning any student who wishes to play a sport automatically makes the team without try-outs. The goal is for students to have fun, be a part of a team, and to learn the sport that they are interested in. Our coaches strive for teamwork, discipline, integrity, and sportsmanship.

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