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Employee Student Conduct Policy

Camellia Waldorf School is a close-knit community, where strong individual connections form a web of support for all of its members. According to AWSNA Principles for Waldorf Schools, “Enduring human relationships between students and their teachers and among the children themselves are at the heart of Waldorf Education. The teacher’s task is to work with the developing individuality of each student and with each class as a whole within the context of the entire school.” In order to support these relationships, it is important that the Camellia community have strong, clear boundaries about how students and teachers will interact. While no policy can be all-encompassing and teachers should use careful judgment in each situation, basic guidelines are important and include the following:

  • Camellia Waldorf School maintains a drug-free, alcohol-free workplace policy. Drug or alcohol use or possession on school grounds, any school-sponsored field trip, while conducting CWS business off CWS premises, or at any time working with students, will not be tolerated.

  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere, anytime on CWS property, indoors or outdoors, while on CWS field trips, at any school-sponsored events, or when supervising children.

  • Employees may not friend or follow current students on social media platforms. Employees may not post information that discloses any confidential information about CWS students or parents on social media accounts.

  • Relationships with students must be professional. Harassment, inappropriate physical contact, and inappropriate verbal or written communication (including profanity) will not be permitted.

  • Students will be treated respectfully. Language or behavior that could be construed as physically threatening, intimidating, derogatory, demeaning or humiliating is not allowed.

Assembly Bill 500 (AB500) requires schools to provide information on employee interactions with pupils in its code of conduct and to parents and guardians of enrolled students on the school’s website.

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