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Fourth Grade Waldorf Class

4th Grade

  • In-depth block approach of two hours each morning, when the students are most attentive. Block lasts 3-4 weeks

  • Main academic subjects of math, science, language arts, history, and geography.

  • Balanced time for recess and time in nature.

  • Homework is age appropriate and allows for more family time.

  • Teachers are with the same class for a number of years allowing for more connection and in depth learning.

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A Bit About 4th Grade

The 10 year old child stands in new relation to the world and the fourth grade marks a clear change in the work and what is expected of them - and they are prepared and ready. The Waldorf fourth grader feels “I am here, and the world is there”, and the transition from early childhood is complete. The habits and skills of the first three grades are formed and steady, and are now put to use in studying new and varied subjects. Children begin to explore their environment, first with making a map of their bedroom, the route they take to school, their classroom, school, city, and county, eventually moving into the map of California and studying the rich culture and history of the state. Stories continue, of local indigenous people and Norse Mythology. The mythology stories brings gods and goddesses, fiery passion, cleverness, self sacrifice, all of which mirror their own self. And the rich tales of the Norse people’s close relationship to their natural world help children to encounter the struggles between opposing forces, extremes in conflict and humor and wisdom - all of which speak to the budding ten year old as they move into middle childhood. Zoology is brought, and students choose an animal to study in depth - writing a paper on their chosen animal, as well as a 3D model and drawing, to be then presented to the parents and class. Zoology is then taken out into the broader world, traditionally with an overnight field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium - their first of many overnight field trips.

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4th Grade Learning Objectives

Main Lesson Skills

Learning and modeling strong classroom skills continues, constructive communication, along with confidence and positive self image building, children continue to build executive function skills

Language Arts

Shift from learning to read to reading to learn, spelling rules and practice, written work, book reports and grammar rules - verb tenses, prepositions,

personal and pronouns, writing composition with emphasis on the stories and first dictations begins


Norse Mythology, Native American Stories, poetry and the appreciation of the inner beauty of a poem


Review of four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, times tables, word problems, measurements, averages, long division, factoring and proofs


Zoology, local geography and history

Foreign Language

Spanish continues with stories, dancing and signing, days, months, seasons, time telling, reading and writing - introduces, all in Spanish

Form Drawing

Braided forms and geometric drawing


Watercolor painting, beeswax modeling of animals, freehand geometric drawing, and ink pens are introduced


Strings - violin or cello, junior choir - singing in rounds, recorder and reading music from notation, perform at annual concerts


Embroidery, cross stitch, working with wool roving (from previous year’s sheep shearing farm experience), and simple hand stitching

Physical Education

Cooperative games, team skills, running, jumping and throwing, circus arts are introduced - juggling


After school Soccer and Basketball Clubs

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