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Seventh Grade Waldorf Class

7th Grade

  • In-depth block approach of two hours each morning, when the students are most attentive. Block lasts 3-4 weeks

  • Main academic subjects of math, science, language arts, history, and geography.

  • Balanced time for recess and time in nature.

  • Homework is age appropriate and allows for more family time.

  • Teachers are with the same class for a number of years allowing for more connection and in depth learning.

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A Bit About 7th Grade

Exploration is alive in the seventh grade student - as if they are sailors about to embark on a voyage at sea. Students express their opinions, question authority and explore limits, all as they begin to assert their independence. Their emotional and intellectual life are deepening which requires a curriculum that meets the energy of the 13 year old, reflecting their own self discovery and bringing a strong historical foundation to build upon. As if parallel to the child’s adolescence, the historical age of incredible discovery, the Renaissance, is brought. This historical time highlights the strengths and weaknesses of incredible humans. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Joan of Arc, students write beautiful essays and draw stunning portraits in their main lesson books. These biographies offer students the opportunity to explore thought and motivation of particular time periods in history - helping the seventh grade child to look beyond the challenges of early adolescences. The Age of Exploration introduces explorers from around the world, helping students to broaden their view and consider new possibilities, and to contemplate explorers complicated legacies. Wish, Wonder and Surprise - a short story block allows for students to

explore their own developing imaginations through narratives and essay writings. With the introduction to Algebra, students are presented with abstract mathematical thinking for the first time - they learn to balance equations and solve for variables.

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7th Grade Learning Objectives

Main Lesson Skills

Becoming full and active participants, transitioning from feeling based curriculum to thinking based learning, higher academic learning and discovering of creative voice

Language Arts

Grammar and composition, research, drama, poetry, creative writing, essays, spelling, note taking skills, and reading

Literature & History

1400-1700 - The Age of Exploration, The Age of Discovery, The Reformation and The Renaissance


Pre-algebra, ratios, negative numbers, inequalities and geometry

World Geography

Cultural world geography - Africa and Europe, and map reading


Chemistry - combustion, acids and bases, Physics - visual, warmth, electrical and mechanics, and Human Anatomy - the nine systems

World Language

Spanish - conversational, gramma, reading and vocabulary


Painting and drawing


Hand sewing and needle felting


Senior choir, ensemble - strings or choice of other instrument (rotates from year to year - examples include ukulele, recorder and guitar), perform at winter and spring concerts


Using mallets, chisels and rasps to create wooden spoons and bowls

Physical Education

Movement class continues with cooperative games and sports and exercised to contrast heaviness and lightness

Cyber Civics

Core concepts of "information literacy" or, how to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. Lessons emphasizes ethical and critical thinking skills through discussion, decision-making, hands-on projects, and role-play.


Competitive volleyball, flag football, basketball, and soccer

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