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Community Life

Parent Involvement

Parent Meetings

"Camellia is not just a school, but also a wonderful community full of dedicated and well-trained teachers, diverse student body, and active parents."

The class teachers host gatherings 3 to 5 times during the school year. The parents of each class meet with their child's teacher to discuss the school life of the class and to learn how they can help their child at home. Your attendance is an important way to support your child and your child’s teacher, to form relationships with other parents and to involve yourself in the school community.

Parent Education

"Camellia is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in giving their child an opportunity to reach his or her true life potential."

In addition to the resources provided by your child's class teacher, evening programs such as lectures and “chat nights” are offered to the parent body so they can learn and experience more about what comprises Waldorf education. See our latest events.


“The Waldorf education my children have received at Camellia is the best preparation they can have for life. Our fundraising at Camellia plays such an important piece in supporting this wonderful education.”

—Deniz Tuncer

The school relies on fundraising for part of its budget. These efforts include the Annual Fund Drive and our annual auction, Camelliapalooza. With these difficult times our community comes together to support each other such as our Community Relief Fund.

Reach out today to learn more about joining one of our activities.

Parent Association

"The Camellia community has offered our family a magical place to let our children grow while also deeply experiencing the joys of childhood. From the committed staff to the supportive parent body, we see the joy everyone brings to this school reflected in our home, life, and children. We are so grateful to have found this school!”—Jessica Flash

The Francis Guild Parent Association sponsors parent education evenings and social events, supports and coordinates parent participation at the school, and generally fosters communication within the school community.

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