Board of Trustees

Camellia Waldorf School has a shared leadership structure with responsibilities shared by the faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees. In addition, the Francis Guild Parent Association fosters parent involvement within the school.

The school is incorporated as a nonprofit organization, and as such, the Board of Trustees holds the legal and financial responsibility for the school, which includes setting tuition and developing the budget. The board is also empowered to establish committees and create task forces in order support its work. Board meetings are held once a month. The Board of Trustees is made up of parents, alumni parents, and faculty members.  The following volunteers comprise our current board:

Deniz Tuncer Camellia Board of Trustee
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Kirk Bewley Camellia Board of Trustees.j

Deniz Tuncer, President

International Trade & Development, Aegean Free Zone 
Current and alumni parent at Camellia

Cindy Stinson, Vice President

Lieutenant, Sacramento Police Department (retired)
Current and alumni parent at Camellia

Amy Chambers, Secretary

Manager, California Office of Tourism 

Current parent at Camellia

Steve Guest, Treasurer

Architect, RMW Architecture & Interiors (retired)

Camellia alumni parent

Kirk Bewley

CEO, Culinary Farms (retired)
Camellia alumni parent

Tim Takagi Camellia Board of
joshua wilson photo cropped.jpg

Laura Embrey

Camellia Pedagogical Chair

Waldorf Teacher (retired)


Meredith Johanson

AWSNA Accreditation Coordinator (retired),
Founding Camellia Administrator
Camellia alumni parent


Shannon Leigh

Camellia Teacher
Current parent at Camellia


Tim Takagi

Faculty Physician, Mercy Methodist Family Practice Residency
Camellia alumni parent



Joshua Wilson

Camellia Waldorf School Director

Current parent at Camellia

For more information on our board, we invite you to get in touch.