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First Grade Waldorf Class

1st Grade

  • In-depth block approach of two hours each morning, when the students are most attentive. Block lasts 3-4 weeks

  • Main academic subjects of math, science, language arts, history, and geography.

  • Balanced time for recess and time in nature.

  • Homework is age appropriate and allows for more family time.

  • Teachers are with the same class for a number of years allowing for more connection and in depth learning.

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A Bit About 1st Grade

Around the age of seven, children enter the middle years of childhood, transitioning from early childhood into the grades - often referred to as the seven year change. Children enter the first grade with great enthusiasm and curiosity, and are received by teachers with the necessary skills to foster a love of learning, in a warm and nurturing setting. In the first grade, students officially begin their formal academics, and they are introduced to many new subjects. With wonder and beauty, the class teacher brings learning alive. It is in the first grade that children begin to think in images, so rich stories are brought. Students hear fairytales from around the world as well as nature stories, and through these stories, they are introduced to letters and the sounds they make. It is through these rich stories that the formation of letters, writing, and qualities of numbers are brought. Through fun learning games, the first grade class teacher keeps learning active so that students are not sitting for more than 20 minute at a time. Additionally, singing, form drawing, modeling beeswax, finger games, cooperative games, water color painting, pentatonic flute, knitting and class chores are a part of the first grade experience. First grade students are also introduced to subject classes, including Movement and Spanish.

Take a peek inside the classroom

1st Grade Learning Objectives

Main Lesson Skills

Developing positive classroom behavior and habits - learning to listen, sit in a desk, communicate and comprehend

Language Arts

Learning of upper case letters, speech exercises, writing exercises from stories heard, oral recitation, introduction to reading and theatre arts


Fairy Tales from around the world, nature stories, poems with strong rhythms and folk stories


Whole numbers, the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, mental math, counting and estimating


Nature studies based on stories that are brought in a imaginative and alive manner, frequent outdoor walks and observations

Foreign Language

Spanish is introduced through songs, poetry, games, stories and art projects

Form Drawing

Straight and curved lines


Wet-on-wet watercolor painting, primary colors, drawing with block and stick crayons made of beeswax, images made of letters of the alphabet and modeling of beeswax


Pentatonic Flute, singing, and lyre


Finger knitting, making of wooden knitting needles, learning to cast on and count stitches (knitting stimulates inner math and develops fine motor skills)

Physical Education

Movement class that includes fun circles, cooperative and signing games

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