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Subject Teachers & Aftercare

Grades 1st through 8th begin each day with their class teacher, in main lesson, followed by subject classes. These classes include Movement, Spanish, Woodworking, Gardening, Handwork, Strings, Guitar and Choir. While Main Lesson provides an in-depth exploration of subjects in blocks of four to six weeks, subject classes run throughout the year.  

Carmen Gunn

Movement & Gardening Teacher

Waldorf Movement Teacher Carmen Gunn.jpg

Carmen Gunn is a graduate of the Spacial Dynamics Institute and earned her associate’s degree in physical science from the Collegio Alessandro Manzoni in Monza, Italy. Ms. Gunn is a certified personal trainer, strength coach, group fitness instructor, and archery instructor. She is also certified in pilates and yoga. Before joining Camellia’s faculty, Ms. Gunn had worked for 20 years as a teacher in the health and fitness industry.


In her role as gardening teacher, Ms. Gunn leads elementary and middle school students in planting, growing and harvesting fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, and in building projects and campus care.


Ms. Gunn is a parent of two Camellia alumni students.

Ms. Gunn joined Camellia in 2010.

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Movement PE Teacher Carmen Gunn

Timothy Stanley

Strings and Ensemble Teacher


Timothy Stanley has a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Nevada and a master’s degree in music from California State University Sacramento. Mr. Stanley is a senior teacher with the Sacramento State String Project, a not-for-profit that provides low cost music instruction to Sacramento elementary school children. He also teaches private music lessons in Sacramento and Davis.


As a performer, Mr. Stanley plays cello with numerous local symphonies and orchestras as well as area baroque ensembles. He is a founding member of City Water, a contemporary music ensemble, and Ensemble Confluences, a baroque quartet.

Mr. Stanley joined Camellia in 2008

Strings Teacher Tim Stanley
Choir Teacher Lynn Stevens

Alice Stamm


Early Childhood Eurythmy Teacher

Alice Stamm has been teaching eurythmy since 1975. She began her eurythmy training in Eckwalden, Germany, and finished at Else Klink in Stuttgart, Germany. Ms. Stamm also has a degree in therapeutic eurythmy from the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.

Having a wealth of experience in teaching and performing eurythmy in Europe and the United States, Ms. Stamm’s most recent positions include teaching eurythmy at Rudolf Steiner College, kindergarten eurythmy at Davis Waldorf School and professional mentoring of eurythmysts.

Ms. Stamm is the president and a founding member of the Eurythmy Association of North America. She also helped to form the Section Collegium for the Performing Arts in North America.

Ashley Mulgado


Middle School Spanish Teacher

Ashley Mulgado is not new to the classrooms of Camellia, having spent the past few years assisting and subbing in kindergarten and preschool, teaching handwork and as the class aunt of Mr. Egbert's 3rd-grade class, she is well versed in all things, Camellia. Maestra Ashley grew up in a Spanish-speaking household and spent summers with family in Sonora and Guadalajara, Jalisco, and as a child, lived on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, in Tijuana. She is studying Child Development at Sacramento City College and is excited to share her love of the Spanish language and Mexican culture with Camellia's middle school students.

Spanish Teacher Marcela Cerecero

Ms. Mulgado joined Camellia in 2021

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Lulú Flores

Lower Grades Spanish Teacher

Lulú holds a bachelor's degree in Nutrition from Universidad del Valle de Atemajac. In college, Lulú’s interest in child development and maternal health grew and after giving birth to her son, she became a Certified Lactation Educator and accredited La Leche League Leader. Maestra Lulú worked at the Mexican Consulate in San Jose, offering nutrition education for families, and later became coordinator of the Parents cook with Heart program with the Latino College Academy parents.


After attending the Waldorf en casa" with Oswaldo Alvarez Pedroza, a Mexican Waldorf teacher, Lulú fell in love with Waldorf education. Maestra Lulú continued on with The Art of Teaching Spanish the following summer and later a curriculum workshop for Waldorf Spanish teachers with Michelle Jarvis. Additionally, Maestra Lulú recently completed the Maternal and Child Nutrition Masters program at the University of California Davis. When Lulú isn’t teaching Spanish, you will find her spending time with her son and husband, singing, writing, playing the guitar, and dancing. She enjoys bike riding with her family, taking care of her quails, hiking, baking, and cooking homemade Mexican food.

Maestra Lulú joined Camellia in 2021

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Aftercare Staff


Megan Ferrian

Natalie Foster

Nicole Guslivtov

Lead Preschool Aftercare

Lead Kindergarten Aftercare

Preschool Aftercare

Collin Bradshaw

Grades Aftercare


Kelly Maroney

Ari Olson

Grades Aftercare

Grades Aftercare

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