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Core Capacities for your Child's Future

Educational Approach

Our goal is to enable each child’s potential to unfold by developing creative, imaginative capacities and skills while building a strong academic foundation in math, language arts, science, geography and history.

We teach the following core competencies and capacities:

Critical thinking and problem solving. We want our children to ask questions and think flexibly for themselves.

Curiosity and imagination. We want our children to be inquisitive, creative and engaged. 

Collaboration. We want our children to cooperate with each other.

Agility and adaptability. We want our children to learn how to learn in order to keep up with a fast-moving environment.

Initiative and entrepreneurship. We want our children to be inspired to be doers and innovators.

Excellent oral and written communication. We want our children to be exceptional communicators in diverse situations in the knowledge economy.

Analyzing information. We want our children to think for themselves, to think outside the box, and to find new solutions to new problems.

Resiliency. We want our children to be able to quickly learn new skills. We want our children to be prepared to meet their futures.

Passion. We want our children to be inspired, to follow their passions and dreams.

Leadership. We want our children to be leaders in their communities and careers.

HOW: Teaching Method

We teach our children through how they learn; visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically – by seeing, hearing, and doing. We educate the whole child, the “head, heart, and hands,” to meet the intellectual, social and emotional, as well as physical development of each child.

Our curriculum is multidisciplinary, multicultural, with experiential hands-on learning, starting with an in-depth block instructional approach of two hours each morning. Our approach is to stimulate both the left and right sides of the brain. Each instructional block lasts 3-4 weeks, allowing for a deeper exploration of the subject material. We schedule plenty of time for recess and incorporate time in nature. Teachers typically teach the same class for a number of years, allowing teachers and students to know and understand each other in a deeper way, helping to develop and integrate core competencies. In addition, these long-term relationships enhance each child’s learning, confidence, social and emotional skills, and feeling of security.

Required Subjects:

Math, Language Arts, Science, Geography, History, Spanish. Music (playing an instrument and singing), Practical and Fine Arts, Drama, P.E., Handwork, Woodwork, Gardening, Movement and Speech, Cyber Civics and Educational Field Trips. The Results:

The outcomes are that our students demonstrate are exceptional comprehension and critical thinking skills (IQ), strong emotional and social intelligence (EQ), and excellent practical and kinesthetic intelligence (PQ).


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