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Growing Your Own Spring Basket

Every spring, our preschool and kindergarten students welcome spring by growing baskets of grass. This annual hands-on project uses simple ingredients and is filled with magic, curiosity and wonder. It is fun for humans of all ages!

Gather the following supplies:

  • Basket with handle

  • Foil or plastic wrap

  • Potting soil

  • Wheat berries

  • Jar or bowl for soaking

Step One - Soak the wheat berries overnight in a jar or bowl, with at least one inch of water covering the berries.

Step Two - Line the basket with either a layer of newspaper, foil or plastic wrap and fill with potting soil.

Step Three - Water until well moistened, careful to not over water, then sprinkle a single layer of wheat berries on top. Cover the wheat berries lightly with a sprinkle of soil.

Step Four - Move the basket to a bright window, with lots of indirect sunshine and keep moist by watering once to twice everyday. Using a spray bottle is a great way to keep the grass happy and moist.

The basket typically begins to sprout four to seven days after planting and will grow about an inch a day. By days seven to nine, you should have a beautiful basket of tall grass!

This is a wonderful spring decoration, a special gift to share with neighbors or even to share with a friendly bunny that is known for making home visits this time of year!


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