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Persevering Together - Fall 2020

Camellia Waldorf School faculty, staff and board of trustees have all been working hard, planning for our students’ future and safe return to school. We have created working groups of teachers, staff and board members that have been looking at all aspects of school life, carefully and creatively creating a safe plan that is supportive of our students and teachers. All recommendations have been looked over by our COVID Response Planning Team, complied into an extensive Return to School Safety Plan, which was reviewed and approved by the Sacramento County Health Department. Additionally, Camellia was recently granted a waiver to return to campus for in-person learning, in an outdoor setting.

We realize that not everyone is able to return to school in-person, so we have created an inclusive learning model, where teachers will live stream from their in-person classes, allowing for their students to attend class via Zoom from their own homes with an opportunity for interacting with classmates.

At the heart of all of this work is flexibility and adaptability. While our hope is for everyone to safely return to school in the near future, we realize that together, with grace and strength, we need to be prepared to face whatever comes our way. Whether it be related to the pandemic, extreme weather or the California wild fires, we are prepared to pivot in a new direction with a moments notice.


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